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Dr. P A Mahesh is a Pulmonologist from Mysore with an illustrious career of 16 years marked with some sterling achievements in his field. A faculty member at JSS Medical College (Mysore), Dr. Mahesh tutors medical aspirants as a Professor at the Department of Chest and Tuberculosis.

Dr. Mahesh is an MBBS graduate from Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore. This degree was topped with additional qualifications such as DTCD and DNB (Respiratory Diseases) finalized through Medical College... [+]

Phase-III Global clinical trial on Rhinitis (Ongoing).
Phase-III Global clinical trial on moderate to severe COPD patients (Ongoing).
Phase-II Clinical Trial on moderate to severe persistent Allergic Asthma (Ongoing).
International Presentation: Allergy Profile in patients with Urticaria. P K Vedanthan, P A Kushalappa, Amrutha D Holla, P A Mahesh. American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology. Nov. 3-8, 2000 Seattle, Washington, USA. 

International Presentation: Comparison of Allergy Profile among Urban, Semiurban and Rural Patients with Allergy in South India. Amrutha D Holla, P A Mahesh, P K Vedanthan, Prashanth D Holla. American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology. Nov 16-20, 2001 Orlando, Florida, USA.

International Presentation: Influence of Endotoxin Exposure on Atopy and Asthma Prevalence in South India. P K Vedanthan, P A Mahesh, Amrutha D Holla, Rajesh Vedanthan, Ah Liu. AAAAI Conference, Mar 1-6, 2002 New York, USA.

Teaching experience: Current Professor, Department of Chest and Tuberculosis, JSS Medical College, Mysore.
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